Welcome to The Rod Schroeder National Tennis Camp!
Home of the Stop ní Go Teaching System & the Start Rite Grip Trainer

You'll never be the same after attending the Rod Schroeder National Tennis Camp...not only because of the expert training that's sure to help you reach your full potential, but for the pleasant summer memories that will last a lifetime. Tennis is the game for a lifetime. Once a child learns to play tennis he has received a gift that cannot be taken away. More than just tennis skills, the importance of sportsmanship can and should be carried through life on and off the court.

Camp is an experience which will enrich the life of a child; will give him a valuable skill, will enhance his self-confidence and provide lifelong memories. Every young person deserves an opportunity to learn a life-time sport. The Rod Schroeder National Tennis Camp provides this, where camaraderie and understanding will develop along with his tennis skills and love for the game.

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